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Amber waves of grain immune to human flashpoint issues
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To the editor:

I read the article in the Great Bend Tribune “Getting Underway” (June 19 issue) dealing with the wheat harvest commencing at a rapid pace in Barton County. Naturally, I wish all farmers a bumper wheat crop. It strikes me as significant (and inspiring) that a seeing a good crop of wheat harvested from the field is almost immune to the trials and tribulations of the day. Basically, there is no hindrance due to COVID-19, nor is there any thoughts in the field about the recent civil unrest hundreds of miles away; nor is there any thoughts of allegations pro or con involving politicians, the police, or squabbling. The farm is still the farm.

The kernels of wheat are the lifeblood of the farmer. They translate into a commodity that is eventually sold to sustain life, both as a “food” and also as a traded commodity for profits reflected by dollars and cents. Let us all be thankful for the Kansas farmer, and for pleasant distractions such as a combine in the field, blue skies above, and a good amount of bushels taken to the elevator for (hopefully) a good price. It’s a type of “peace” that is “priceless.”

James A. Marples