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Another option: Grow political awareness
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To the editor:

Americans beware. The passage of the latest COVID-19 stimulus package is just a preview of what is yet to come. To think that both Democrats and Republicans could approve this bill that pays $ billions to foreign countries and special interest groups while Americans starve is reprehensible and there is no doubt that President Trump will be the villain if he vetoes it. In the end, however, it is us, the American people, who are the villains because we keep voting in the same group of corrupt politicians.

When the president promised in his presidential campaign that he would clean the swamp, I don’t think he had any idea of how deep the swamp was; of how pervasive the self-interest and corruption was in both the major political parties.

I believe that top leaders in both parties were so afraid that Trump would expose their corruption that they have been colluding in an effort to get him out of office from the time before he was ever inaugurated. And, this has been supported by major media and big tech who I would bet my last dollar have financial relationships with the corrupt politicians.

I think that the relationships between politicians, the media and big tech are almost incestuous, with husbands, wives, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, in-laws, etc., sitting on various boards indulging in major conflicts of interests diverting billions of taxpayers’ dollars into their own pocketbooks.

The politicians just keep getting bolder and bolder, with their motivation becoming more and more obvious. The stimulus package is an abomination; an insult to the majority of Americans. The politicians don’t care; the corporate managers of big tech don’t care; and the owners of major media don’t care as long as they keep getting richer. The socialistic concept of redistribution of wealth really means that the wealthy intend to continue to take the money from the middle and poverty level classes until there are two classes, the very rich and the very poor. They think they are above censure; above the law. They laugh at the idea that the American voter has any power. And, the very sad thing, is, they are probably right.  

Changes in almost every area of our national government; including political, economic, welfare, educational, health care, tax, prison and journalistic reform would do so much to improve so many different problems in our country. But, until we can somehow get people into office who care about America and the American people, these reforms are not going to happen, our options lessen and continue to get less favorable to the continued existence of our country.

I have sometimes thought that we may only have two options left; violent revolution or a slide into socialism, both terrible options which will destroy our country. I think most Americans are much more aware and politically active than they were four years ago; know that we are in a very dangerous, vulnerable position, but don’t know exactly what the problems are or what to do about them. So, maybe there is a third option that is much more positive than violence or socialism. It involves a movement by a great majority of our citizens to really study our problems, become well informed and actively demand that our elected officials either make the changes that need to be made or get out of office. 

Don McCullough