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Censorship is alive and well in D.C.
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HOLLYWOOD — God bless America, and how’s everybody?
Sen. John Kerry declared Friday that the news media has an obligation to stop giving airtime to Tea Party representatives. We’ve learned one thing this year.
In Washington the impulse to censor is second only to the impulse to post naked pictures of yourself on Facebook.  
President Obama ordered the Pentagon Friday to set up a reverse boot camp for soldiers to attend before they leave active duty. Going from combat duty to civilian life shouldn’t be that tough. It’s not that big an adjustment to go from kill-or-be-killed to going on job interviews.    
Obama hosted a barbecue at the White House Thursday to celebrate his fiftieth birthday. He got a lot of gifts. Wall Street gave President Obama a recession with his name on it, but you could tell by the expression on his face when he opened it that he already had one.
The White House ripped Iran for backing al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and insurgents in Iraq last week. We’re making progress. The Pentagon announced al-Qaeda’s new leader nearly got killed Wednesday, but he sold his General Electric stock the day before the market crashed.
Wall Street stocks plummeted Thursday amid investor concern over the debt crisis. More than a trillion dollars of wealth vanished on the N.Y. exchange. Charles Schwab just scheduled a private counseling session with Michele Bachmann’s husband, where they’ll pray away the bear.
Obama demanded cooperation from Republicans in rebuilding the U.S. economy Friday. Last week all the leading economists said we needed to raise the debt ceiling or the stock market would crash. Well they were half right, which is better than they usually do.    
Jerry Lewis was fired by the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon he’s hosted each Labor Day for 50 years. The comic is 85 years old and still walking into doors and doing pratfalls. Sixty-five percent of everything the MDA raised was going for Jerry’s health insurance premium.
Shell Oil got federal permission Friday to begin drilling in the Arctic waters off the Alaska coast. The company plans to drill four wells in the Beaufort Sea. They got permission only after they agreed that if one drop was spilled, they will set up a fund for New Orleans musicians.
Florida pollsters shocked the White House Friday. Poll numbers came out showing that Obama trails Mitt Romney by eight points in the Sunshine State.
To get Florida back the president may have to order the Navy SEALs to raid Casey Anthony’s compound in Ohio.
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