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The Left, Right and Middle Case Against Loretta Lynch
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Your reaction to the following facts about Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s pick to be the next Attorney General, may tell you more about your own political leanings than those of Lynch.
Loretta Lynch believes the NSA spy program recording and collecting every American’s internet, cell phone and digital communication without any warrants is allowed by the U.S. Constitution.
The 4th Amendment states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
The NSA ignores this.
U.S. District Judge Richard Leon ruled on a lawsuit against this NSA spying on Americans, saying, “I cannot imagine a more ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘arbitrary invasion’ than this systematic and high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every citizen for purposes of querying and analyzing it without prior judicial approval. Surely, such a program infringes on ‘that degree of privacy’ that the Founders enshrined in the Fourth Amendment.”
Loretta Lynch ignores that.
David Dayen at left-wing lays out Loretta Lynch’s private sector work with big law firms that do a lot of white collar defense work for big banks like AIG, Bank of America and HSBC. Her time as a director at the New York Federal Reserve put her hand-in-hand with the most influential bankers the U.S.
Dayen uses Lynch’s own inactions as reasons to distrust her to prosecute financial criminals:
“She was instrumental in two financial fraud settlements, which President Obama touted in announcing her as attorney general. One was the $7 billion mortgage-backed securities fraud case against Citigroup, part of a series of high-profile settlements that amounted to public relations vehicles for the Justice Department, so they could claim to have “gotten tough” on big banks. In reality, shareholders paid the fines, the perpetrators faced no jail time, investor victims received no compensation, and the public never got the full story on the extent of the wrongdoing.
“Lynch’s other major financial fraud case was a $1.9 billion deferred prosecution agreement with HSBC for facilitating money laundering for terrorists and Mexican drug cartels. Carl Levin’s Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations basically gift-wrapped this case for federal prosecutors in an extensive report, relating lurid tales of HSBC collaborating with some of the worst people on the planet for years. But nobody from the bank went to jail or paid any fines. Lynch’s office didn’t even force HSBC to plead guilty; the deferred prosecution agreement just imposes a fine and a monitoring process as an out-of-court settlement. As Matt Taibbi pointed out at the time, a kid caught with a few ounces of drugs will get thrown into jail for years, but a bank helping the criminals sell billions in drugs to those kids will have no trouble.”
She’s a great pick for the largest of the financial firms, but not necessarily anyone else.
She’s certainly not a great choice for blue collar working men and women.
She also believes someone who is breaking the law has a much a right to your job as you do.
Senator Jeff Sessoms lit up the Senate confirmation hearings with the seemingly obvious question, “Who has more right to a job in this country: a lawful immigrant who is here, a green card holder, or a citizen, or a person who enter the country unlawfully?”
“Senator, I believe the right and the obligation to work is one that is shared by everyone in this country, regardless of how they came here,” Lynch remarkably stated with a straight face.
Ms. Lynch, does that also apply to ISIS agents?
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