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You Can Keep Your Lie If You Want To
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“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you,” declared Nietzsche.
Lying to Republicans and conservatives is fine sport for partisan Democrats and liberals. Lying to the millions of Americans who trusted you to bring them affordable government-controlled health insurance ends the romance.
The reason that 52 percent of Americans don’t trust the President is not because he lied. It’s because the lie is so consciously heinous; throwing your own supporters under thousands of buses with no health insurance to offset the hospital bills.
He and his advisors knew for years that millions of his supporters would be stuck with health insurance policy premiums anywhere from 50% to 300% more than they currently pay and purposefully chose to lie about it to pass the law and win the 2012 election.
The new polls don’t stop with Americans feeling like they can’t trust the President. They reflect a much deeper feeling. The actual wording is that he is not trustworthy and honest.
Democrats and Independents are included in the tallies. In fact, a huge 60% of Independents said President Obama is not trustworthy and honest.
Favorability ratings are commonly overcome. Opinions on whether or not someone is “doing a good job” or “on the right track” often seesaw. How does one overcome complete distrust?
Obamacare cannot be “fixed.” The higher premiums on the middle class are intrinsic to the program.
As conservatives at the Manhattan Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the libertarian CATO think-tank have published for years, middle class premiums and out-of-pocket costs must increase in order to support paying premiums on policies for millions of uninsured people.
This is why the President is lobbying hard against Congressional bills from Republicans and Democrats to require insurance companies to reverse their cancellations of good, affordable polices in exchange for unaffordable Obamacare policies for one year.
Bills such as these could destroy Obamacare. Yes, he did say in a recent speech that he wants insurance companies to allow people to stay on their good plans for a year. Of course he said that. And we believe him now because... um... because he hasn’t lied to you before?
Have you seen the story of single mom Jessica Sanford? For fifteen years, the court reporter hasn’t been able to afford the $500 - $600 a month premiums quoted for insurance for her and her son, so she was genuinely drawn in by Obama’s promise of affordable health insurance.
President Obama cited her by name in a lofty speech from the lovely Rose Garden, saying Obamacare is designed especially for people like Jessica.
Jessica then went through the nightmare of Obamacare’s reality.
She was promised a pet unicorn named “Tax Credit” that would magically reduce her premiums to $169 a month. Jessica was ecstatic until she received the letter that the tax credit was a mistake. 8,000 other Washington State residents received similar letters repealing their pet unicorns.
She tried two more times with a health care broker and two more times she was told there were no subsidies for her, the very person of whom Obama claimed is “what the Affordable Care Act is all about.”
This is why the lie cuts much deeper than any scandal like Monica Lewinsky, “No New Taxes” or Watergate.
This lie is personal to millions of Americans who voted for Obama and are losing their health insurance.
White House advisors have told reporters that Obama knew this would happen to millions of people back in 2010.
They also told reporters that they held sometimes contentious debates on whether or not the President should lie.
Democrats and Republicans know which argument won.
How can anyone trust him again?
Rick Jensen is Delaware’s Award-Winning Conservative Talk Show Host on 1150AM WDEL and 93.7FM HD3, Streaming live on from 1pm - 4pm EST. Contact Rick at, or follow him on Twitter @Jensen1150WDEL.