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Community Theatre continues to entertain
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Dear editor,

At the opening performance of “Almost, Maine” by Great Bend Community Theatre, the audience was asked to provide feedback on how the theater was doing. Happily, I can say that the Great Bend Community Theatre is doing just great! This latest comedy, “Almost, Maine”, was a delight. The actors did a great job delivering the funny lines and staying in character and the timing for the pratfalls was hilarious. I was laughing from the beginning to the very end of the play.

Doug Simmons, the director, deserves a big hand for this, his directing debut.

As one of the original founders of Great Bend Community Theatre, I am encouraged to see the new, young talent take to the stage at the Crest. Many years ago when we were getting started, we feared that the theater would not be able to sustain itself by recruiting new talent. We were proved wrong and it is very gratifying to see that, after so many years, Great Bend Community Theatre is still vibrant and able to entertain its audiences. I have confidence that Great Bend Community Theatre will continue to grow and provide excellent entertainment for many years to come.

Robert Feldt

Great Bend