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Deserved honors
GBHS Hall of Fame inductees examples of succes
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Great Bend High School announced this week the 2102 inductees into its Hall of Fame, a collection of folks that attended, taught at or had an impact on the school. This elite group has included such individuals as globe-trotting entrepreneur Skip Yowell and Nobel Prize laureate Jack Kilby. Closer to home, it includes such individuals as former Principal Don Halbower and supporter of education Glen Opie.
Now, there are two more honorees. The new class includes the wheelchair-bound Bill Mckown and veteran school administrator Karla (Bender) Leibham, both GBHS graduates.
The choices for this award make one point very clear – heroes come in all forms. Sure, inventing the microchip is important, but so is being here to inspire future Kilby’s though classroom instruction. Sure, founding a global corporation is a big deal, but so is fighting through hardships and disabilities to carve out a successful life.
This marks the fifth year for the GBHS Hall of Fame. After the nominations come in, a committee made up of administrators, teachers, School Board representatives and local residents make the final determination. Nominees must be students, teachers or community members who have made a significant contribution to community or country.
A display case in the GBHS commons contains plaques and memorabilia paying tribute to all the recipients.
A visit to this exhibit is a moving experience. It becomes clear that just because this is a small community, it can produce and foster folks who can make an impact far beyond the city limits.
Something else becomes obvious. Just because one doesn’t leave those city limits doesn’t mean they don’t make the world a better place.
Also, it shows that we must continue out commitment to education. Who knows what the wrong funding cuts might do to impair future youth from reaching their potential.
Dale Hogg