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Elected officials should uphold the Constitution
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Dear editor,

As a Kansas voter and American citizen, I expect those who represent me in Washington, D.C. to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution and also to conduct themselves honorably and honestly, i.e. to root out and eliminate corruption in our government. Congressman Marshall, who is apparently so concerned now about how much the Mueller investigation cost taxpayers, has no problem supporting President Trump’s spending, which has increased the national debt to over $22 trillion. And while he claims “No collusion, no collusion, no collusion,” the fact is that there was interference in the 2016 elections by the Russians. And this interference was carried out by the Russians in partnership with members of Trump’s campaign.

Now, these members of Trump’s campaign lied about their Russian contacts ... to benefit whom? Trump. And the Russians were working with the Trump campaign to benefit whom? Trump. And whether or not there was collusion, Trump may well be compromised by the cooperation between his campaign and the Russians. Therein lies the problem. Because, for reasons “unknown,” Trump seems all too anxious to eliminate sanctions against Russia and to conduct secret meetings with his friend Putin (who he actually denied knowing at one point and then claimed a close friendship with at another).

Is his willingness to go easy on Russia due to the fact that they are in a position to blackmail or extort the President of the United States? One would think that Congressman Marshall, as well as the rest of Congress, would be interested in getting to the bottom of the Russiagate fiasco, instead of doing all they can to stop it and now to “put it behind us and move on.” They apparently aren’t concerned with corruption in Congress or in the White House ... just give them their congressional pay and perks and keep re-electing them.

Mueller’s report, which comprised approximately 900 pages, was whittled down to a four-page letter by AG William Barr, who prior to being hand-picked as Trump’s AG wrote a 19-page letter railing against any investigation and particularly those against a “sitting president.” For the past two years, American citizens have heard Robert Mueller characterized as a charlatan and a liar ... now all of a sudden he is most honorable, since he “exonerated” Trump.

But his report did not exonerate Trump. Even the summary written by Barr states that “... while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him” on the obstruction of justice issue. And so far, the entire report has not been provided to Congress – including Congressman Marshall – so it’s a little premature for him to be bragging about how the “witch hunt” (a title he claims to have bestowed on the investigation) exonerated his president.

Congressman Marshall can come back to Kansas and whine about how the Democrats are so horrible and so corrupt and won’t compromise on anything ... but the bottom line is Congress is corrupt – both parties, both houses – and Congressman Marshall seems to have no interest in trying to “drain the swamp” any more than President Trump does.

Sharon McGinness