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GOP candidate Morris was once a Democrat
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To the editor:

This coming Tuesday, Aug. 4th, the Barton County primaries will be taking place. I am asking that those who can vote to please reconsider voting for Levi Morris. Mr. Morris is our current county attorney and is running for District Court Judge (20th Judicial District).

In 2018, Mr. Morris was handed the position of Barton County Attorney after no other applicants applied for the role. Recognized as a historically active Democrat, he pledged he would switch his party affiliation while he was in office. Flash forward to 2020 and Mr. Morris has kept his promise, but a move like this raises concerns. If you are a tried and true Republican and you cast your vote for Mr. Morris, can you guarantee he will carry those Republican values with him into office? Can you comfortably vote for Mr. Morris on a Republican ballot when less than two years ago he was described as a historically active Democrat?

This was just one political move Mr. Morris has made in the eye of the public, but how many more has he made behind closed doors? Barton County needs a District Court Judge that focuses on the community and the people in it, not just another politician who is simply looking to advance his career.

Again, on Aug. 4th, I am asking that everyone exercise their right to vote, and if you see him on your ballot, please reconsider voting for Levi Morris as District Court Judge; Barton County needs it.

John Graham

Great Bend