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Insurance Commissioner Schmidt warns of scams related to COVID-19
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Kansas Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt

To the editor:

The Kansas Insurance Department gets thousands of calls a month from consumers to agents to companies, inquiring about the laws and regulations of the state of Kansas. I love hearing from Kansans and I am thrilled at the opportunity to help! As a pharmacist, working directly with patients was my favorite part.   

Sometimes the issue they inquire about is an easy fix, sometimes it takes a little more research, and sometimes we can’t do anything at all because it isn’t in our jurisdiction. But, it is important to me that you get an answer! For me, the toughest cases are the ones that could have been prevented.  

Recently, the Insurance Department has seen an uptick in the number of complaints due to scams. There will always be bad actors and it is up to each of us to be on the lookout for them in order to avoid falling victim to them. I want to warn you about a few scams we know are out there right now.   

• “Coronavirus Insurance” is not real. It does not exist. Anyone trying to sell it is trying to scam you. 

• Beware of phone calls where people claim to be from your insurance company. They may even have some of your information. But, don’t change your policy during these phone calls. 

• Request for personal information. Don’t give out any personal information (Medicare number, Social Security number, credit card number, etc.) to anyone over the phone.  

If everyone behaved themselves we wouldn’t have a Consumer Assistance Division, an AntiFraud Division or a Compliance and Enforcement Division for Securities. Each of these divisions is dedicated to ensuring the law is followed, identifying bad actors and helping consumers who have fallen victim. If the Insurance Department can help answer your questions, troubleshoot an issue or handle a complaint, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-4322484 or email at You can learn more about other insurance and securities related scams on the Department’s website 

It is an honor to serve you and your family in the Kansas Insurance Department. If there is something you think can work better or would help other Kansans have a better experience with insurance, please share it with me at  

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt