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Its all about teamwork
County, city, residents work well together
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It was an issue brought to light by the concerns of some Villa South residents over the maintenance of their streets. Villa South is a housing development in the northwest part of Great Bend that actually falls outside of the city limits.
It is also an issue that shows how different public and private entities can get along to solve a problem.
Apparently for decades, Great Bend Township crews have taken care of the streets in the area. They graded them and they plowed snow.
However, county officials learned while researching the issue that, technically, the township personnel were trespassing since none of the streets had ever been legally opened. For most of the sand roads, this was not a big deal and all the Barton County Commission had to do was open them, which it did Monday morning.
But, there is one street that presented a challenge. Second Street’s easement was not wide enough to meet legal guidelines and to increase the easement would mean to including either city property or area residents’ properties.
Here is where teamwork comes into the picture.
Officials from all the governing entities met last week and came to an agreement that allows for problem to be solved. The city agreed to an easement that encompasses a strip of city land, including a portion of the new Sports Complex, a deal the City Council OKed Monday night. The county agreed not to disturb the land and allow Second to be maintained by the township as it has always been maintained.
Even those who live in the area were onboard with the arrangement. There were no losers.
All those involved deserve a pat on the back. It is an example of compromise that we all can only hope gets picked up on by our state and national leaders.
Dale Hogg