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Kobach’s priorities are backward
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To the editor:

Attorney General candidate Kris Kobach says that, if elected, he will file a lawsuit almost every day against the President of the United States. 

Common sense would say an Attorney General should have no problem finding plenty to do in Kansas, instead of halfway across the nation in Washington, D.C. Perhaps, his priorities are backwards. 

Having once worked in that office, I remember the Attorney General is the state’s chief law enforcement officer, oversees the office’s Consumer Protection Division, issues legal opinions, and represents the state in court cases. 

Chris Mann will get the office back to basics. As a young police officer in Lawrence, he was run over by a drunk driver which ended his law enforcement career. Following a lengthy recovery, Chris graduated from law school. 

Chris Mann is competent and qualified to be a great Attorney General for Kansas. 

Richard Shank