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Allford deserved her honor
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Dear Editor,
Jenny Allford’s contribution to the community’s enthusiasm for excellence in music — generated as she taught, coached soloists, directed choirs and mentored young people — is widely known.
It is gratifying to learn that she is being recognized for her work.
Added to honors-winning choirs are variety shows at Great Bend High School, for which Jenny encouraged all students to share their talents.
Uncounted after-school hours went into producing those shows and community theater productions and
choral performances throughout the state.
With structure, discipline and caring, teaching can be an art. Jenny’s commitment to developing fine musicians has inspired future educators.
As important as music is to her, she has always emphasized kindness and character in large and small matters, mostly by example. Jenny continues to “reach out and touch,” despite her rumored retirement.
When the Madrigal Choir answered a request to sing at our son’s funeral, the music brought healing moments.
Refusing a token of our gratitude, Jenny advised us to begin a memorial fund. As a result, many young people have attended a camp in his name; others have received assistance with education expenses. Hardly anyone knows Jenny’s generosity provided the impetus for both.
Congratulations to you, Jenny Allford, and to the committee recognizing your generous dedication to making Great Bend greater.
Marilyn and J.M. Thies,