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Be informed when voting
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Dear Editor,
The people of Barton County need to know some true facts about the current Treasurer. As the vote draws near we the people should be aware of some things not being done correctly by Kevin Wondra, Gayle Cell has been doing the job, his job, since he first started in his current position a meager four years ago. He doesn’t return customer phone calls, and when he does he has to check facts with the clerks in his office first because he doesn’t know motor vehicle. Let me ask you the people, the customers if they were inconvenienced over the last year because he didn’t hire three employees for over eight months, so the girls that were and still are working there had to go without lunch, breaks, and were denied vacation because he kept putting off hiring anybody, some customers actually brought the clerks lunch.
All I ask before this election is that you make sure that your informed on who the people are that are running.
Anthony Hopkins