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Beware of computer scammers
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Dear Editor,
Once again the Demon Dialers of thieves, con-artists, and brigands, otherwise known as Scammers, are targeting our area again. I have already received three calls this morning asking about their “pitch.” In this instance you receive a call, purportedly from Windows, Microsoft, Norton, or another big name company, which says they have traced back an infection, attack site, ghost server, et al, to your computer. They then ask you to get on your computer and allow them access to fix the problem/infection.
They work for a bit (doing nothing really) then gasp at wonderment at how “compromised” or “infected “ your computer is and want $299 or thereabouts and a credit card number to fix the issues and protect you for several years more. Should you refuse to take the bait, they in a fit of pique lock you out of your computer with an unknown password (basically holding your computer hostage).
Things to remember:
1. No one is watching your computer remotely just to see to see if it’s infected or slowing down.
2. No reputable company will call you to initiate corrections nor will they email you
3. No one that you haven’t called from your own phone first should ever be given remote control of your computer, ever.
4. These folks especially prey on the 55+ generation.
5. Solid Antivirus Programs and several Malware programs installed and properly maintained and actively run are your best protection and adequate to remove issues and reassure you against threats.
Bob La Pierre   
Great Bend