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Cheyenne Bottoms event was a success
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Dear Editor,
To the Friends of Cheyenne Bottoms and its board of directors,
Thank you for your vision and implementation of the first education day.
Great Bend second graders truly experienced a “learning journey,” Sept. 2.
The presenters and volunteers made this day a memorable experience. The learning stations were age-appropriate, interesting, well managed and interactive-even with a rain delay or two.
As impressive as the day was, no less impressive is the list of those who made it possible. To everyone who helped, we express our heartiest thanks for investing in the children of our community at one of our country’s most important habitats and it’s education center.
Great Bend second grade teachers,
Neoshea Bergman, Geri Boger, Linda Gotsche, Jamie Harrington, Carla Maneth, Traci Miller, Mary Rossman, Deena Smith, Bonnie Ward, Shauna Young and Susan Young