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Children have different dietary needs
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Dear Editor,
I volunteered as a lunch aide at my childs school, Holy Family, today and a child asked for second helpings. He politely asked the school district dietary aide for seconds of the soft taco. The aide told him she could not give him seconds. I asked this child if he was willing to eat more fruits and vegetables, pears, lettuce and green beans. He agreed saying he was still hungry and fruits and veggies were fine. When I asked for more fruits and veggies for this child, I was told that he was given the allotted portion and she could not give him more.
In the news recently the food service policy for the new program was described and I distinctly remember that children were not allowed additional proteins or starches, but were allowed additional fruits and vegetables. Why is this policy not being followed?
My children take their lunches to school because they do not get enough protein and starch in a school meal to sustain them through the remainder of the school day. The hot meal program was initiated in the 70’s throughout the country to provide meals for those children who were not getting adequate nutrition at home. While I am thankful this is not the case for most children in our school district, I do believe that this problem still exists and we must maintain a delicate balance between over and under nutrition for our children. Children are individuals and have differing dietary and nutrition needs.
Cheryl Witte, RN
Great Bend