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Columnist responds to letter
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Dear Editor
I am the author of the column the Tribune published on July 31 titled “Despite Increasing Poverty and Unemployment, Immigration Advocacy Continues.” The facts that I cited are irrefutable and letter writer Robert Feldt does not challenge them. Instead he makes the outrageous and libelous comparison between my fact-based opinions to KKK thinking. Feldt’s language is reprehensible and should have been deleted by the Tribune editors as it does not comply with their posted terms and conditions to avoid “offensive and inappropriate comments.”
Moreover, Feldt neglected to advise readers that he’s a lawyer who deals in immigration law. Obviously, more immigration, for which he advocates in his letter, means more clients and more fees. Mr. Feldt is not a casual observer but rather one who will profit from the cause he supports – more immigration.
Joe Guzzardi
Bradfordwoods, Penn.