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Do not give money to panhandlers
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Dear Editor,
DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO THE PANHANDLERS!!!!! It has been going on a lot the last month, people begging for food or money. I know first hand of someone who bought three men who were standing in front of Burger King with a sad story, lots of food, a sleeping bad, and even went as far as getting them a motel room because it was getting cold! How did they repay her, you ask?? By smearing peanut butter, apple sauce, and even human poop all over the room!!!! DO NOT HELP THESE PEOPLE!!!! They have caused a scene in Dillons after telling people to move, cussing, and throwing food! The local authorities said there isn’t much they can do. I thought panhandeling was illegal? PLEASE DO NOT HELP THESE PEOPLE!!! They will smoke cigarettes and talk on a phone while holding a sign claiming they are homeless and hungry. They weigh more then I do, they aren’t hungry!!! Please, please, please, people...DO NOT give these people any money or refer them to any of our churches. The best thing to do is refer them to the Salvation Army or American Red Cross. They can do background checks and make sure they are legit before helping. If they are truely homeless or need help, they will take this type of help instead of asking for handouts. I saw a post on Facebook and its obvious that more then a couple people have gotten burned by these ungrateful souls.
Briana Flemming
Great Bend