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Free community college
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Dear Editor,
You won’t see this often, but Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama actually said something this week that I could get behind! Free community college for everyone! Wouldn’t that make great sense? Sounds so wonderful and I could support this -- as soon as we get rid of about seventy percent of the rest of Fedzilla so we could afford it. Of course, you folks that have shed blood, sweat and tears not to mention the money to build and support and perpetuate our own Barton College should take note of just how much government payments for tuition would affect it’s operation or controll thereof. Libs should rejoice in the presidents wishes for this, huh? And while we are at it, how about just taking control of all Colleges and Universities. We could give everyone a degree of their choice and put professors on the federal payroll, after all most of them have been asking for federal handouts for years! Would this not be a total improvement in our economic position? Further, this would free up more folks to come from Central America in order to take advantage of this... after all we only need so many to “pick the fruit and mow the lawns” (quote Obama: 2014). We would guarantee that the United States would be the best educated nation on earth and deal with the fact that they are jobless and homeless later. Kick the can down the road for a few decades and create yet another burearcracy that we will never be rid of even when we come to our senses!  
The Congressional Budget Office has already figured that Obama’s new rules and regs ... not new laws has cost an additional 182 billion in 2014 and created 153 new bureaucracies that will have to be fed forever. Oh, well, we can just borrow more money from the Chinese... it’s already a mere twenty trillion loan and they haven’t foreclosed yet!  
William Schneider
Great Bend