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Gayle Cell has 15 years experience
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Dear Editor,
I have for over 50 years got my property taxes to the Barton County Treasurer before December 20th. I did not want to be late and wanted my check cashed promptly and so it would be in my December 2011 bank statement, so I would have it for my income tax. On Jan. 3 I received my December bank statement and my December property cancelled check was not there. I called the treasurer’s office and was told my check was there but had not been cashed.
I asked why? They said “They hadn’t got to it! I answered him “That is ridiculous”.
I know that each Barton County Department has a budget from which to pay their clerks and part-time help.
Barton County College has Business classes that instructs students with knowledge to work in financial offices.
My check was not cashed until Jan. 10, 2012! The Barton County Treasurer’s Department should receive money and it should be recorded and deposited promptly.
I am voting for Gayle Cell that has 15 years experience in our Barton County Treasurer’s Office.
Jeanette Shirer