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Good samaritans come in two's
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Dear Editor,
After an errand to Sacred Heart Church in Larned on June 15, our car wouldn’t start. Two Good Samaritans, John and Troy came by, started the car, and we were on our way to Great Bend. At the busy intersection of Pattan and Tenth in Great Bend, the motor died again. Traffic whizzed by on both sides. I asked “God, where are the Good Samaritans?” Just then two truck drivers stopped and towed us away from the busy intersection. I never got their names but will always be grateful for their kind deed. In a few moments, two more Good Samaritans, Bernie and Kent, came by to tow our car to the Motherhouse. Two more Good Samaritans, Charlotte and Judith, provided us with a ride to our destination.
God bless all these Good Samaritans who strengthened our belief in the generosity of folks in this area.
Sister Irene Hartman and Sister Rebecca Otter
Larned, KS