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Government should buy local
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Dear Editor,
I was stunned to read in the Tribune Public Forums that a local company, Venture Corp., bid under the engineer’s estimate for work to be done in the city and Randy Myers wanted to get bids from out of town.
Give the work to a local contractor that has a great reputation, and is under the estimated cost.
We — local contractors — pay taxes here, put our kids through schools here and donate countless dollars to local charities here. Help us out by buying local.
I challenge our chamber of commerce, city leaders and county leaders to make a “bill” that make it to where local contractors have a 10 percent variance, meaning, if a local contractor is 10 percent higher than an out-of-town contractor, the local contractor is awarded the contract.
It’s great to bring new business to town that hire new employees.
But if you want to retain jobs, buy local.
Wally Eldridge,
Great Bend