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How about that heat?
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Dear Editor,
How about that heat?
Could it get any hotter out there?
We have all heard the conversation starters about the weather.
Of course the weather affects us all. Looking at the whole picture, not just the shimmering waves coming off the asphalt roads. It brings together a whole array of negative situations that are specific to rural areas, and that are amplified by the serious drought we are experiencing.
Considering myself well aware and connected with our community I was a little shocked to learn of the very real and sincere concerns brought to me by one of our local livestock owners.
He has been fighting day and night to keep his herd alive and contained.
The huge concern of the day was the animals breaking the fence looking for greener pastures. You may think, “well no big deal, round them up and run them back in the pen.”
The frightening situation of the matter is, the possibility of loss of life from a motor vehicle accident involving a loose animal.
After a few inquiries and little research I have come to find that watering, feeding, and containing, our livestock herds has become next to impossible for a large number of people.
The whole goal of this letter is just to raise awareness and concern about the strain we all face today.
By the way there were 15 911 calls about loose livestock this Tuesday morning.
Tyler Allison,
Great Bend