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Jesus didn't come to save the United States
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Dear Editor, 
Jesus did not come into this world to save the United States or any other nation. Jesus came to save individuals and build a Kingdom of His own.
As our calendar nears the Fourth of July there will once again be a great amount of talk about our nation and its Founder’s intentions.
As you know, there is a great argument over how Christian the Founders really were.
Using Thomas Jefferson as an example, he was not a Christian.
He believed in God as a Supreme entity.
He understood the Bible better than most who claim to be Christians today.
But he did not, according to historical record, believe in Jesus Christ as his Savior.
Thomas Jefferson did, though, believe in the principles of the Scriptures and even, using federal funding, sent the moral teachings of Jesus to the people throughout the Louisiana Purchase including the Indians. 
The unbelievers, within the group of men we know as our Founders, had a far greater understanding of God, the Scriptures and Christ Himself because they were brought up and educated with the Holy Scriptures.
Their lives were built upon a foundation of what they knew.
They knew the Scriptures and they established and built a nation upon the principles and knowledge they held as their personal life foundation.
We have lost our Biblical worldview.
According to the Barna research organization, only 9 percent of Americans have a Biblical worldview.
If a person was born after 1977 the percentage drops to four.
Here’s the most shocking result of the survey.
Only 19 percent of people who claim to be born-again Christians have a Biblical worldview.
Much has changed in our nation’s 235 years of existence.
The Bible has lost its significance and the results of this loss surround us and have overtaken our culture. 
Life built upon Biblical principles is almost non existent because most know nothing at all of the Scriptures.
It would be good for the nation to get back to the moral teachings of the Scriptures. 
But, this is not what Jesus came to do. Jesus came to save sinful humans into an eternal kingdom. His kingdom is not of this world. It is separate, holy and the only way in is through Him.
So, here’s the Good News. Even though our nation is headed for a great crash, Jesus Christ is still building His Kingdom. As of today, you, the reader, have been invited to come into His Kingdom. He promises to save you from your sin, make you right with God and then sanctify you through the water of the Word.
Oh yeah, you might want to begin studying the Scriptures if you desire to be a part of His Kingdom.
Without a Biblical worldview, you will not fit into the Kingdom of God very well at all.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain,
First Church of God,
Great Bend