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Julian would be voice of reason
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Dear editor,
I am writing to urge all members of the 4th Ward to show there support and vote for Erika Julian this April 1. Not living in the 4th Ward I do not have a dog in this particular fight. However, I have been a lifelong resident of this community. I, like many others, recognize the in-fighting and pettiness that has transpired in recent years amongst members of our City Council. Erika will be a sound voice of reason and a change in the right direction as our community continues to evolve and grow. New blood is needed and a vote for Erika is a proactive step in this direction. Mrs. Julian will be doing a door-to-door meet and greet in the days leading up to the election. If given the opportunity, allow Erika to introduce herself and feel free to ask any questions or express any concerns pertaining to this upcoming election.
Alex Cape 
Great Bend