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Lone voice tired of paying taxes
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Dear Editor,
It is a well know fact that the powerful and the wealthy have, through out history, taken advantage of the poor and weak.
Their ability to control the political world, uses this clout to perpetuate their wealth and or greed.
I must be the only person in Kansas who has the grit to stand up and say to our elected officials that all I care about is a tax policy that treats everyone fair and equitable.
No one individual or business should be treated unfairly or less equal than another.
Regardless of economic development, everyone pays the same.
No breaks because of who you know.
No breaks because of what side of the aisle you sit on.
No breaks for the person or business that contributes to your campaign.
No tax breaks for the highly profitable energy companies, the military industrial complex, off shore corporations, and
certainly, no tax breaks for those who ship our jobs overseas.
I am sick and tired of the likes of GE paying less in taxes than I do.
I am certainly sick and tired of a Republican majority that is trying to hold this government up.
You just cannot expect those of us who make up the middle class to shoulder the tax burden of this country.
Please Mr. Senator, Mr. Representative, and of course Mr. Governor.
Wake up!
Lon Wartman,
Garden City