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Mom is offended by campaign letter
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Dear Editor,
Christina Stein is my daughter.
When she told me about her plans to run for public office, like any mother, I was excited, yet concerned because politics is rough.
Christina has been publicly campaigning for months telling people what she would do as their state representative and keeping it positive. She’s even told me what a nice man Bill Wolf is.
Mr. Wolf began his public campaign Oct. 10 by having a surrogate, Richard Friedeman, send out a letter attacking Christina, twisting and taking out of context words she has written. This is to be expected in this political day and age, but he also leveled an attack on Christina’s deceased grandfather; my dad!
Floyd Webb was a Korean War Veteran who served his country with distinction. He came home and worked hard all his life, putting his family and country before anything else. Friedeman implies that he was a slackard who succeeded because a labor union carried him. However, my dad had a superb work ethic and earned everything he got through the sweat of his brow.
Christina is a tough gal, who grew up in a town about the size of Ellinwood, with small-town values we all cherish. She knew this wouldn’t be easy but she didn’t expect to have her family attacked in such a vile fashion.
Both candidates agreed to run an ethical campaign, even signing an agreement to that effect. Taking pot shots and taking statements out of context is one thing, maligning a deceased family member and war veteran crosses the line of decency.
Christina loves Kansas, has found her American dream in Great Bend and knows full well that this Friedeman nastygram is not reflective of the good people of Barton County.
Would you rather have a state representative with ability, who listens to everyone and votes accordingly, or do you want a representative who has a wannabe political boss doing his dirty work? Christina has proven she is willing to listen, walking constantly door to door asking the people of Great Bend and Barton County for their advice and what they want as a representative. I’m proud of her, and will be too should she become your next state representative.
Kelly Webb-Hall,
Kalkaska, Mich.