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Myers will clean up crime, streets
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Dear Editor,
In the 1980’s when Randy Myers became a police officer in Great Bend, we had a population of over 16,600 people. We now have a population of 15,345. Since that time we have lost two major employers and several small businesses.
We had more police officers on the street and less in the office, as the captain oversaw the patrol and they did not have a patrol lieutenant. All of the city departments took care of their own personnel and they did not pay for a human resources director. We need more police officers on the streets and more firemen at the fire houses and less administration. I believe Randy Myers would help this happen!
A rumor is going around that the “51 percent of all jobs created clause” in the incentive contract for a new business in town had to be in the incentive contract because state money was involved. I was at the city council and county commissioners meeting’s when the new buisness was asking for money from both and I don’t recall anything about money from the state being involved. To the best of my knowledge, the money is local and the rumor is only that, a rumor. I appreciate Randy Myers speaking out about this issue. I’m sure this company didn’t get by with paying such low wages with no benefits in California.
The side streets in Great Bend are still in deplorable condition; check out Odell by the high school and Morphy from Broadway and go north, just to name a few. I know this is a job in progress but some of the streets that have been done are already falling apart. Now the city administration wants to repave McKinley when other streets are in a lot worse shape. I know Randy Myers would stay on top of the streets getting fixed. He brought it up all the time at council meetings until they knew they couldn’t shut him up and therefore a plan was hatched to fix the streets.
I think we need to reinstate the city wide clean up as other towns around are doing. Randy Myers will help to bring this good program back if elected.
Telling the truth is not dirty politics but listening to the truth shows real public responsibility. It is time all city elected personnel and staff started telling nothing but the truth without omissions or accidentally being misleading.
When Randy Myers was a sergeant on the Great Bend Police Department his shift caught burglars and vandals. On the streets, they lead by example and treated everyone fairly and with respect. Lets bring that back by getting more officers on the streets with decent pay so they are not always leaving after we train them.
As Randy says: “lets make Great Bend a greater place to live, work and raise your children in a city that is moving forward.” He will work to allow all businesses to come to Great Bend and he won’t keep businesses out that might want to pay a decent wage! I know Randy would work to make our streets and parks safer .
Vote for Randy Myers for mayor on April 5.
Becky Wornkey,
Great Bend