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Put it out for bid
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Dear Editor,
I have been trying for well over a year and probably two years to get the city to shop around for health insurance for the city employees so that we get the best possible insurance for the employees and their families. 
City hall refuses to do this and will only get quotes from Dennis Call at BMI and Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
I believe the reason for this is that the buddy system is still going strong and it is pretty much a good bet to me who will get the health insurance bid coming up.
There is always someone like Bill on the council who jumps up and says we need to stay local but that only works for the buddy system.
I did not see the other council members saying that when we bought the lighting system for the ball park from Chicago and I wanted one of the two locals to get the contract.
I did not see that when several local companies bid on the AC/heating for fire station number one but the contract was given to an out-of-town contractor.
That bid should not even have gone out of town when we had so many here who pay city license fees every year.
The city council raised the mill levy close to two years ago to pay for wage increases to city employee’s so that we could retain and attract good employee’s and now we are going to give them to a local insurer without even trying to make sure we had the best insurance for the best price because we will not shop around.
To say I am disappointed with this is an understatement.
I want to let the city employees know that I am still working for you and everyone in Great Bend.
As always my door is open 620-786-1351.
Councilman Randy Myers,
Great Bend