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Reader refused to lower flag
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Dear Editor,
I refuse to fly my United States flag at half mast per order Gov. Sam Brownback and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, M.D. on July 3, 2012 at my 10 acre farm in North Jefferson County, for the May 18th combat death of Sgt. Michael J. Knapp, Overland Park.  
All Kansas supporters of the American Empire’s bankrupting wars since Vietnam, and most acutely Afghanistan and Iraq now must wear a blood soaked bunting of red, white and blue on their political bandstands this coming November elections.
Gov. Sam Brownback, as well as his former federal congressional colleagues, have repeatedly voted for shameful sums of “supplemental” spendings outside the purview of American citizens for these unconstitutional “wars.”.
A majority of Kansans today, of both mainstream political parties, do not accept any responsibility for these wars, are ordered as robots to raise and lower flags, while hardship hails upon our doorsteps. A hardship our Kansas elected leaders will not inform us of, instead tell us to sacrifice our public education schools, denigrate public servants as “thugs” and demean Kansas women for want of contraception.
I suggest to Kansas readers we raise our red, white and blue flags full mast as a message to our neighbors and friends that these immoral war criminals will never hold elected office again.
Michael Caddell