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Remember Loyalty Day today
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Dear Editor,
Mayor Mike Allison proclaimed today as Loyalty Day and invites all fellow citizens to join in.
Individuals, schools, churches, civic groups, organizations, business establishments and homes within his jurisdiction are encouraged to display proudly the flag of the United States and participate in public patriotic Loyalty Day activities.
These are to be cosponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, its Ladies Auxiliary and others.
The VFW started the observation of Loyalty Day in the early 1930s, when communist agitators in America held parades on May 1, in which they attacked our country and our way of life.
This day received recognition in 1958 when President Eisenhower signed Public Law 529. Today, long after the disappearance of communism, Americans still observe Loyalty Day on which to reaffirm their loyalty to their country and allegiance to its flag.
Through May 6, members of Morrison-McFadden Auxiliary 3111 and members of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 180 are cosponsoring a flag etiquette program to the third grade students in the Great Bend schools.
The program consists of the history of the United States Flag, description of the flag, pointers on displaying, and respect of the flag and how to folk the flag.
Thelma Hipp,
Great Bend