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Reserve didn't do its job
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Dear Editor,
I just want to take the time out to let you know about the situation we are going through right now with the good old Army Reserves in Great Bend.
They have very irresponsible staff that go back on their words.
My husband was injured in the military and had to have surgery. This happened in February of 2011! He finally had surgery Dec. 8 so they knew this was coming for 10 months.
He is off work from his civilian job due to this procedure and the “man in charge” at the Great Bend Reserves center told him he would get 75 percent of his active duty pay.
Here it is Jan. 12 and my husband still hasn’t been paid.
Every time we call we get the run around.
We were even told it won’t be 75 percent of active duty pay, it will only be what he would make at his civilian job even though we have to pay higher day care fees now since he cant lift our children, higher electric bills because he is home all day, and higher gas bills too.
Every time we have asked for a phone number to a higher up we get the run around and there will be no number given.
Now (a month and four days later) they are telling us it is going to be 21 business days until my husband is paid because the man in charge lied about everything he said he has already done.
I just think everyone needs to be aware of how they treat our soldiers.
If it wasn’t for Credit Union Of America who has more compassion then they do rules, I don’t know where we would be!
Nichelle Holinde,
Great Bend