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Response to Polman editorial
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Dear Editor,  
I’m writing this letter in response to the editorial by Dick Polman in the Sunday Tribune, “Now Republicans are debate[sic] their debates,” and also the political cartoon by John Cole that appeared on the editorial page on Tuesday. First off, I’d like to remind Tribune staff and readers that we now have a liberal president who is so “non-scripted” that without his teleprompter, he hems and haws and pauses and completely loses whatever “train of thought” he might have had. Secondly, the republican candidates are not complaining about not getting “scripted, pre-digested, non-questions.” They would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share with the viewing audience their proposals for getting this great country back on track. They want to address issues like national security, illegal immigration, the economy, energy independence, etc. - issues that our “non-scripted” president is too busy golfing and appearing on comedy TV shows to address. Whether or not Ben Carson can “do math”, or Mike Huckabee thinks that Donald Trump has the moral aptitude to serve as president, or fantasy football should be allowed, or Carly Fiorina’s physical appearance, or the most recent insult hurled at the other candidates by Donald Trump...NONE of these has any bearing whatsoever on the real issues facing this country. The juvenile antics of the recent debate moderators is appalling to me, and should be to any voter who is trying to make an educated decision as to who to support in 2016. I think the voters have had enough of the junior high school style attacks and goings-on in our national government for the past 7 years. And third, if anyone reading this letter truly believes that the democrats’ responses are NOT “scripted, pre-digested, non-answers”, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona that you might be interested in buying.
Sharon McGinness