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Take time to look, keep other safe
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Dear Editor,
On Sept. 16, my family, the Moomaws, suffered a tragic loss. 
Ten days earlier, our mother/wife/grandmother was walking across the street in Garden City to attend a meeting. 
This active, healthy woman suffered a traumatic brain injury, due to a motorist backing over her.   
Since then I have had friends who have asked, “What can we do for you?”
At the time I had no answer, now I do. 
I would like for everyone to remember my mother, Bev, and be extra vigilant when driving or walking. 
I ask that motorists take a second, and possibly a third, look before backing out. Pull over to use your cell phone. Slow down in heavy traffic areas, etc. 
The person who is in your blind spot the first time may be visible now. 
Parents, I have recently seen young children racing in and out and around cars in parking lots. Please, please, hang onto their hands. It only takes seconds for something tragic to happen. 
I know what happened to my mother was an accident. But now, two families are struggling through the loss of another person — my family and the woman with her young child who backed over my mother. 
Thank you,
Celia Wells,
Great Bend