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Thank you to man who risked life
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Dear Editor,
To the man who waved down oncoming traffic on Highway 56, seven miles west of Great Bend on Monday afternoon April 30, telling drivers there was a terrible accident ahead. Thank you!
You risked your life to keep a tragic accident from becoming a massive pile up of casualties. There is no way to know how many lives and injuries you spared with you amazing clear thinking and selfless act of courage. But I do know this for certain. You saved the life or at least injury of my son and the co-worker he rides with as well as another coworker who was directly behind them.
My oldest son was in the first car you stopped. Thirty seconds more and they would have hit the car that hit last. His co-worker told him Tuesday if not for you she would have run directly into them.
You sir are not only my hero but that of my husband, three other children, and my daughter-in-law.
Thank you can never express the depth of my gratitude to God for sending and sparing you. And to you for the risk you took.
Thank You
Yvonne Simmons and family
Great Bend