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Thanks for helping soldiers
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Dear Editor,
To Great Bend Military Moms:
Greetings from Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.
My name is Timothy Kerr. I’m presently working for the USO (United Service Organization) here in Afghanistan. 
Prior to my employment with the USO, I was deployed with the Ohio Army National Guard in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom from January, 2008 until August, 2009,
I returned home in August, 2009, applied for the USO and was hired in October, 2009, went to Basra, Iraq and I have been here in Afghanistan since January.
The reason I’m writing to you all, is to let you know that some of your wonderful care packages were dropped off at our center for all service members to enjoy. 
What we do is, once we receive them, our huge staff of wonderful military volunteers here will separate everything and put the items in bins for everyone who comes in to the USO to help themselves.
Often, people or organizations like you all, never really know if the packages reach their final destinations.
Some soldiers receive a lot of care packages and decide to share the wealth, so they bring them to us. 
Here at Camp Leatherneck we have well over 18,000 soldiers, as well as Coalition Forces, also.
I just want to say thanks to all those who are involved in this project. 
People like you all, make all the sacrifices worth while. 
May you all have a wonderful, safe July Fourth.
Again, thanks.
God bless and God speed.
Timothy C. Kerr,
programs manager,
USO Leatherneck,