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The text messages can wait
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Dear Editor,
This morning on my way to work I watched the guy in the truck just ahead of me text most of his way down 10th Street. I know that he thought he was in control of his vehicle, but he came over into my lane several times. Not all the way over, but enough that he would have side swiped me if I had been beside him. Please, please, please, if it is important that you be on your phone, pull over and finish that call or text. Almost two years ago my mother was walking across the street in Garden City and a woman on her phone backed up over her. Ten days later my mom died of her injuries. My mom was in good health and could have been with us for many more years. With school just around the corner, what a great time to make the decision to pull over to talk and text. You just might save a life. Thank you from my family to those who will make a change.
Celia Wells
Great Bend