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Time to build citizens, not monuments
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Dear Editor,
To the citizens of Great Bend:
While traveling through your fine city the other day I noticed a monstrosity in front of your courthouse. I inquired about it and found out it was a monument dedicated to Jack Kilby, inventor of the computer chip.
I was told the cost was over a million dollars.
What a travesty.
At a time when money is so scarce and people are finding it hard to survive, the city some how decides its time to build a monument.
You already had the “Jack Kilby Square” on the courthouse lawn.
The million could have been used ln so many other ways.
Repairs to the infra-structure of the city, or an addition to the library. It could have been used to put more police officers on the streets, especially at night when the crime rate is so high.
I can think of 100 other better uses for the money.
The computer chip has caused our youth to be inactive, fat and lazy. They are obsessed with computer games, including the wii and many other “hi tech” devices that are literally taking their childhood away. What ever happened to football, baseball, basketball and other outdoor activities?
These modern day future leaders of our country have no communication skills. They can’t count change or write their name in cursive. They are loners and find it hard to participate in group activities.
What a waste.
We are becoming a society of one.
Don’t build monuments, build people with good bodies and souls.
Ronald D. VanHorn,
AKA Zacharias Bones,