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Truth is
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I am so tired of hearing people tell me, “Well, that’s your truth.”
I, as well as anyone else, do not have a truth of my own. Truth is not mine. I did not make up the truth. I cannot change truth. Truth is what it is and we must all come to acknowledge truth.
We, as humans, do not determine truth. Truth is!
Just because a large majority of people see something in a certain way does not make it true. Debates and well-reasoned arguments do not change truth. If the whole world was to believe a lie the lie would not become truth. Opinions change with the wind unless they are built upon truth and then there no longer an opinion, they are truth!
So, here’s how the world reasons. If everyone has a truth of their own, there is no absolute truth. So, we are all pressed to define truth on our own. This line of reasoning is absolutely absurd!
If there was no truth, everything would be chaos. Yet, other than the human race, everything seems to be in pretty good order all the time. I mean, you can set your clocks and calendars to the regularity of everything that surrounds you with the exception of the beings who deny truth.
Now, God is true! This is not a statement of belief or an opinion. It is truth.
Jesus said, “I am the truth.” When He said this everything that you and I will ever come to know or believe must be deciphered through the Christ.
By the way, Christ is not Jesus’ last name. Christ is the power of God. Everything that exists was made by Him, for Him, through Him and nothing exists that He didn’t make. This Christ sustains the whole universe.
So, to deny truth is to deny Christ but that doesn’t change anything because truth is and your belief does not change truth.
See, you do not have a truth of your own. You either believe the truth or you deny the truth. But that does not change the truth. You may not know the truth but that doesn’t change the truth either. Nothing in this entire world can change truth. Truth is!
I hope you have seen something through this rant of mine. The rant is mine. The truth that is encompassed within the rant is not mine. I submit myself to the Lord’s truth. I do not have a truth of my own. So, when someone disagrees with “my truth” they are actually disagreeing with the one who is truth. You can deny the messenger but the truth cannot be changed.
Jesus is the one who said, “I am the truth”. It would be wise to take up your disagreements with Him because I am powerless to change truth.
Pastor Thomas R. Swain
First Church of God
Great Bend