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Values that we stand by
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Values that we stand by are an important part of our society. When we consider the impact that the state of Colorado decided to legalize marijuana, it opens up the door to the impression it’s ok to include marijuana in ones daily life. No matter what damage it does to our children, our homes and economy, it still remains a threat to a clear mind. According to Drug Facts, ”Marijuana acts on specific targets in the brain, it causes impaired coordination, difficulty with thinking and problem solving and disrupted learning and memory.” Marijuana’s effects on the developing brain create risks unique to young people “Daily use of marijuana can lead to chronic problems such as weakened verbal skills, lowered learning capabilities and a shortened attention span”. Long term effects of marijuana can be addictive.
How long must we ignore the dangers. I would like to see responsible people take a stand against marijuana as a common drug to be bought freely in the open market, paying exorbitant prices, to support a commodity that destroys.
Betty Clark Keenan
Great Bend