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Vote for Donald Hobson
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Dear Editor,
I am thrilled voters of the Senate District 35 are discovering the Donald I have always known. As he goes door to door around the district, his humble personable way coupled with a warm handshake and listening ear make him easily approachable and desirable to converse with.
Whether you are a teacher in Sterling, a military veteran in Little River, or a farm family in McPherson County, Donald’s integrity, dedication and common sense are connecting with voters who treasure common sense Kansas values.
One common sense Kansas value that is near and dear to Donald and is a major part of his campaign message is immigration.
Immigration to him is more than just a’s personal.
You see Donald and his wife, Claris, dealt with the legal immigration process 14 years ago when they got married. They spent lots of time and money to legally complete Claris’ immigration. He knows the current immigration fiasco being manufactured by dangerous Washington politicians is the wrong way to go. Common sense says if you enter our nation illegally, you should not be given “ free” taxpayer funded medical care, a driver’s license or Amnesty. You should be sent home for breaking the law.
As State Senator, Donald will advocate for an immigration policy that will provide a legal and lawful way for those skilled, hardworking people of good repute who wish to enter our nation legally and pursue their dreams.
On Aug. 5, support common sense Kansas values by voting for my brother Donald Hobson for Senate District 35. God Bless.

David Hobson