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Vote for Jerry Moran
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Dear Editor,
It is always good to see a candidate that supports his country, but even more importantly supports his own state that he represents. I have known Jerry Moran for over 20 years and know he listens to the needs of Kansans and consistently stands strong for Kansas values.
Being a health care provider, I have witnessed firsthand Jerry Moran’s commitment in fighting for the health care needs of Kansas. Jerry has pushed back against attempts by the Obama administration to force its values on Kansans. He has also worked hard to improve the quality of care for the many veterans living in the state.
Jerry Moran has stood with Kansans on many issues throughout his time in Congress, some of which include the freedom of religious expression and the right to bear arms. Jerry does what he says he’s going to do, even if it means standing up to his own party.
We should feel fortunate to have Jerry Moran as our United States Senator because he is an honest and trustworthy family man who has strong values and is dedicated to the people of Kansas.
Join me and vote Jerry Moran for Kansas.
Dr. Kevin R. Davidson