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Vote to re-elect Schmidt
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Dear Editor,
I’m encouraging Kansans to re-elect our attorney general, Derek Schmidt.
At a time when rural America is under constant regulatory assault from Washington, Attorney General Schmidt has pushed back hard. He is fighting unreasonable endangered species regulations that intrude on private property rights and air regulations that keep Kansas from developing new energy sources like the planned Sunflower power plant at Holcomb.
Attorney General Schmidt has worked closely with Kansas Farm Bureau to fight new federal water regulations that restrict farmers and ranchers’ use of their own land. And he is opposing the proposed ‘Waters of the U.S.’ regulations that would put a federal bureaucrat in charge of every ditch, pond and low spot in Kansas.
He also helped us stop proposed federal labor regulations that would have kept many kids from working on farms.
Now more than ever, we need an attorney general who understands our Kansas way of life and can be counted on to stand up and fight for us. Fortunately, we have one. Please join me in voting to re-elect Derek Schmidt Kansas Attorney General.
Steve Baccus
President, Kansas Farm Bureau