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Warren changed lives
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Dear Editor,
My name is Matt Vanover and I attended Barton County Community College in 1998.
Debbie Warren changed my life in so many ways.
When I arrived in Great Bend Kansas I was overwhelmed with the new life that I had chosen. I was lost and didn’t know if going to Barton was the right thing to do. When I met Debbie Warren she was a person that made you feel like you could be a part of something great.
She was right, I tried out for the cheerleading squad and it was a great decision. I learned how to make the best of my college education and being a cheerleader at the same time because of her!
While attending there I was overwhelmed by all the different performances that Debbie had her dance team and the cheerleaders perform. I realized I was apart of something that was good and true and so exciting.
Thus being said, I transferred to Oklahoma State University. While attending at OSU I was studing wildlife biology and fish ecology. At the same time I cheered, and travelled with the football team and was able to see other parts of the United States. After that I transferred to SFA, (Stephen F. Austin) and while there I won three national championships and one partner stunt championship.
When I look back and see how this all started I always think of Debbie Warren! She gave me a chance and made me keep the drive to always do great.
There are so many other lives that she has changed or put on the right track. Teachers with this kind of commitment and passion for what they do is what is needed in our society.
When I heard that she had been fired after 27 years of dedication to Barton County Community College, I was extremely saddened.
Debbie has put so much time in to the atheletics program, alumni, and most importantly the citizens of Great Bend!
When I look back I don’t know where I would be if it she had not opened the door for me to succeed in so many ways.
With that being said I hope Barton County Community College puts the time and effort into what is needed to give the respect that she has so rightly earned and deserves!
Matt Vanover,