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Warren taught what students needed
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Dear Editor,
I worked at a community college in Kansas for 15 years and I will say that I worked with professionals who cared for each other and the students. I worked as an assistant to the athletic director, several deans and the president, but most of all I assisted the students.
Our president along with the deans and coaches had an open door policy when staff, students or the community wanted to visit with them. The president felt his title and his job was there for the student body and he was being paid because of the students. At Barton, there appears to be a complete different philosophy. Dr. Heilman evidently does not feel the same way.
My husband also served on the board of trustees for the community college for 12 years so I also know what this consists of. They oversaw the president and the students and routinely had visits from the students and the community when they had concerns. He listened to each and everyone of them for the betterment of the college. After all, the college served the students and the community.
At the last board meeting about 40 students and townspeople showed up to show their support for Debbie Warren who was fired as the head cheer coach for the past 27 years. Only one individual got to speak regarding this unjust firing and only for five minutes. Once again, who does this community college serve? Are students to be seen and not heard? What does this teach them? These are intelligent young adults who the college is supposed to be preparing for their future. Coach Warren sure taught them what they needed to know. Independence, drive and confidence come to mind when describing these student athletes.
I have been a booster and fan of Barton Community College for over 20 years and on many occasions traveled hundreds of miles just to see the cheer squad and dance line perform. These outstanding squads were an asset to the community, the state and nationally as well. To see them destroyed because of someone’s agenda is horrifying. I cannot continue to support a community college that does not serve its students, and I doubt very seriously that I am the only one who feels this way!
Marge Marler,
Great Bend