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Wheatland School reunion was a great event
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Dear Editor,
The recent Wheatland School Reunion held many wonderful memories, shared by those who attended the school and the parents who shared this experience with them. This was all brought back to life as if it were only yesterday.
For the After Harvest Festival Parade, many of the attendees rod on the two floats, all wearing their Wheatland t-shirts. Bill Ahlgrim, a former student, created a replica of the school, which was displayed on the school setting float with the song, “School Days,” being sung along with the ringing of an old school bell. And Wayne DeWerff modified an actual slipper slide and a swing set for the other float. Needless to say, the floats were a highlight of the reunion.
Everyone was honored in some way or another. Some for special reasons: The oldest living parent — Ruth Peters; oldest student — Norma Lee Isern; oldest teacher — Millicent Meyer; youngest student — Chris Batchman; one who traveled the furthest — Steven Spacil, from Utah; one with the most grandchildren — Lucy (Ellis) Stambaugh; historian — Wayne DeWerff; one who named the school — Carol (Hauser) Lenhart; all of the past teachers — June Greathouse, Phyllis Miller, Carol Ray Thielenhaus, Millicent Meyer, and Lorrayne Eveleigh.
Lunch was provided by another student: Kathy (Kasselman) Roberts and her husband, Max, This was enjoyed by more than 150 guests.
A big thanks goes out to everyone who prepared, attended, shared and promoted the gala event. A special thanks goes to Dale Hogg of the Tribune for the special article depicting the old Wheatland School and all it represented.
Last by not least, a final farewell with the suggestion that they repeat this “happy time of memories” in five years, celebrating the 50-year anniversary.
A terrific time was had by all, remembering life at its finest while being associated with Wheatland School.
Lorrayne Eveleigh,
Great Bend