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Library book sale goes well
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To the editor,

The Friends of the Library book sale was again a success! We want to send a thank you to our loyal attendees, your support made all the difference. People ask if books and libraries are still considered relevant. We say the answer is YES!

The Friend’s sale could not have happened without the help of Friend’s liaison, Erin Ferguson and building engineer, Fred Hernandez and all of the volunteers who sorted books and moved them to the meeting room, especially Scott Morrow! We also appreciate the help from some exceptional trustees who worked diligently. They moved boxes and returned to box up the remainders. We appreciate every one of our volunteers.

What does the Friends group do after the book sale? We support the library. For instance, this past summer the Friends financed many of the Summer Library Program’s performers and prizes. Also, for anyone who uses the computers, the Friends furnished the new chairs. This is just a couple of examples.

Anyone who would like information about the Friends or would like to join, please inquire at the Welcome Desk. Thank you!

Mary Ann June 

Friends of the Library Secretary

Great Bend