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Munching on Leftovers
Charlie's Corner
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Munching on leftovers from the Super Bowl Party. Which camp are you in, the one with the NBC television announcers that basically called Seattle head coach Pete Carroll a Boob for throwing that pass at the end of the game instead of running for it or are you in the camp that says, “Hey, you called him a genius for basically calling the same play at the end of the first half and gaining a much-needed touchdown?”  Games are not won or lost on one play. If you don’t believe that, just ask Green Bay fans!
Tom Brady isn’t that much younger than Peyton Manning but he sure looks and acts it. Brady is still elusive and can deftly dodge an oncoming rush, something the stiff-legged Manning has trouble doing. In a discussion of the best quarterbacks RIGHT NOW , only Brady and Aaron Rodgers are in the discussion. Besides that, Brady has the best-looking girlfriend!
Best line from before the Super Bowl goes to “Patriots banned from Super Bowl after NFL determines they didn’t deflate balls with NFL’s OFFICIAL brand of air pump.” Then again, when Patriots coach Bill Belichick offered this before game time, it brought a chuckle: “We’ve got to make sure we don’t come out a little flat for this game.”
Meanwhile Bill Self is showing why he is one of the best college basketball coaches in the country. He takes a bunch of prima donnas and absolutely forces, wills them, to play defense if they want to get on the court and his loss to transfers is minimal. The Jayhawks are in the middle of another stranglehold on the Big 12 basketball title.
Who are all of those people in the stands at NBA games? Everybody I talk to says, “Naw, I don’t watch pro basketball. No defense and no effort.” Yet the stands are full. SOMEBODY likes what they are doing.
After spending a month in the South, I can tell you this about basketball: folks in the South pretty much don’t care unless you happen to stray into Kentucky. Wintertime is when you discuss recruiting, football recruiting. The biggest topic of conversation is not who won the latest basketball game but which school stole that great linebacker away from another school. College football is king in the South.
Speaking of football recruiting, once again you hear nothing about Kansas State. You can bet your acres of Flint Hills grass though that Bill Snyder will find a bunch of “no-name” kids that are willing to do what he wants, how he wants, when he wants, and he will make a football team out of them that will be a formidable opponent for most any school. He does it every year.
How did I like the Super Bowl halftime show? Dunno. I used that time to get some more guacamole dip! Ditto for the commercials. I gave up watching Super Bowl commercials a number of years ago. I get frustrated trying to figure out what the heck they are advertising. What is it they want me to buy?
Halfway through the Super Bowl I thought, “Where in the heck is Terry Bradshaw when you really need him?”
News Flash: Following the Super Bowl there is a rumor that the NFL is checking all footballs for helium. Too many kicks into the end zone and no thrilling runbacks for the television audience.