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Apparently they dont like the pine scent
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Nursery school teacher Elizabeth Davies, 48, was fired from Hafod Primary School in Swansea, Wales, after accusations that she had sprayed pine-scented room-freshener on kids who passed gas and on Bangladeshis who had come to class reeking of curry and onions.
Of the latter, she reportedly said, “There is a waft coming in from paradise.”
They can’t tell
what they can
get away with   
Recently, public school students were expelled in Spotsylvania, Va. for possession of home made tubing for launching plastic “spitballs” in lunchroom horseplay.
They were arrested in Hammonton, N.J. A 7-year-old was arrested for bringing to class a Nerf-type “gun” that fired soft balls.
And another was arrested in Arvada, Colo. for drawing violent stick figures, which was recommended by his therapist as a way to tamp down harmful thoughts.
Meanwhile, at the other end of “zero tolerance,” a judge allowed Ryan Ricco, 18, to play for his school in a big basketball tournament despite being on modified house arrest after being charged with threatening to blow up two other high schools in the Chicago suburbs.
Sure hope ‘Casey’
is the dog’s name   
Robert Hohenberger, 64, was arrested in Clayton County, Ga., for shooting a neighbor’s dog with a BB gun after complaining that he was tired of the Chihuahua “pooping” in his yard.
The neighbor, Leticia Mendoza, told police that her dog was innocent, in that Casey had actually relieved himself inside right before she let him out.
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